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A nonprofit organization practicing shoestring philanthropy for kids who need us.

Loving Kids is Easy

December 17


In the last few months we have provided for our homeless community the following gifts because of your generosity:

150 nail clippers

50 backpacks

1500 loaves of bread

100 dozen cookies

50 pairs of long underwear10 walking canes

100 pairs of shower shoes

50 pairs of socks

100 pairs of reading glasses

50 packs of over the counter

cold med

and this is only a partial list!

Thanks for saying yes and making it easy for us to do small things with great love.


October 2016

We have had a wonderful time finding artists to decorated our LittleFreeLibraries and then find homes for them.

We have one more to place if you know of a good place let us know: [email protected]

With your help we have given six grants to teachers and schools we care about: Gladys Groves, Gordon Parks Elementary School, Kate Moore, Citizens of the World Elementary School, Pennie Senn, Crossroads Academy of Kansas City Mo., Audrey Hollander ,great volunteer, Mary Ann Dunn, Fox Hill Elementary and Carver Dual Language School

We have also given 100s of canned goods to a local food pantry and dozens of jeans and belts to a local community emergency assistance center.

We would love: canned goods

                           more belts


 more jeans  

                         adult books

As always thanks thanks and more thanks

please go to our donation page and say yes!

January 2015

This school year has been one of our best ever.  We have six volunteers who regularly give their love and time to three classrooms.  Some bake cookies every month and read to the children every week.  Some have adopted the classroom celebrating holidays and birthdays with every child.  Some pick several special activities to do with the children through out the year while others have helped buy items from wish lists the teachers shared with us this Fall.  We were able to get everything! on the wish lists of 7 classrooms.   We were able to give teachers small grants to help with out- of- pocket expenses and we were even able to give them small Christmas gifts because of our community support.


June 2014

We had a wonderful trip visiting the Hogar Luz de Maria orphanage and the Lluvia de Gracia  (Rain of Grace) bakery in Guatemala. The orphanage is getting in better shape; trash is being removed, broken things fixed and supplies better organized. All of this was possible because of the help given by our community. We have been able to help hire support staff and part time teachers. We have sent books, shoes, socks, sheets, medicine and school supplies.

The bakery is also doing well. The family of seven orphans has worked together to make their family bakery a success. They bake over 2000 sweet rolls daily and have two store fronts. They asked for a small motorcycle to help with deliveries, and we were able to say yes because of your support.

Now we turn our attention to our backyard:

We are organizing volunteers to help in the classrooms of three local schools in Kansas City: Gordon Parks Elementary School, Crossroads Academy of Kansas City, MO. and Carver Dual Language School. 

We will be giving care and creativity to over 50 children and their teachers. 

We will be doing our Cookie Brigade, organizing pen pal projects and helping to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, the Chinese New Year and the end of school.

We will be recruiting Honorary Room parents to spend one hour a week becoming friends with the children and finding ways to enrich the classroom and support the teachers. 

We will be giving small grants to our volunteers to encourage their creativity and generosity with the children they will be befriending.

We look forward to a busy Fall.

Hogar children need love and sponsors. For more information visit

Want to help?

Go to the donation page :)

Email me [email protected] or call 816.931.6044


Recently completed projects

November 2015

Thanks community we had a blast collecting socks for the kids to give to local shelters!

October 2015

Our second littlefreelibrary! Crossroads Academy kindergartners have adopted our library and placed it at a local downtown business one that is close to the school so they can visit weekly.  Check out their hats-a friend made them for the whole community.

Who wouldn't think that was great?  Thanks community

September 2015

Because of Judy Joss our first library goes to Faxon  Elementary and the Girls on the Run program.  Thanks Judy the children will have a blast. They could not do this with out you.  Love from To The World

August 2015

We have started a new project Community Libraries that teachers and students "adopt", decorate and decide who  should have it and where it should be placed. They will be responsible for taking good care of their library and keeping it full of books.  We start them off with a bunch of books and stickers and encouragement! this was  possible because of our wonderful community

Our LittleFreeLibrary is in its new home Crossroads Academy full of free fun books for all ages thanks to our friends


June 2015

We have started a new project.

We are creating a LittleFreeLibrary as a gift to one of our favorite schools.  Nothing is more important for young students than to learn to read and then learn to love reading.  This library makes the process fun and exciting because all the books are always FREE 

If you have used books you think kids and young adults would like we want them:)

April 2015

We have had a wonderful few months: we got our third annual matching grant for $2500 for the month of March and we raised $1800!

We worked with Midtown Kiwanis Club of Kansas City with our friend Rev Handy and collected 150  books for the kids at Gordon Parks School.

With the help of some darling kids at Crossroads Academy of Kansas City we have raised $1500 and still counting for our friends in the Highlands who have a family bakery.

January 2015

we have been focused on the classroom and finding ways to help both the teacher and their students.  We have given 10 small grants to help teachers with items they cared about.  We have given  several grants to volunteers to encourage them to find creative ways to enrich the classrooms they visit on a regular basis:

some have spent it on books and some on birthdays and some on supplies and some on snacks.

One of the primary reasons teachers leave teaching is because of a lack of support and a lack of resources.  We aim to change that in some small way(s) with the teachers and classrooms we care about.


Last year, we spent time at the orphanage, Hogar Luz de Maria, with a bunch of darling children. We worked with an organization called For The Love of Mateo whose primary mission was to love these children and try to make their life better.

We were able to hire a preschool teacher for the children because the kids at Crossroads Academy of Kansas City raised money for our project!

We wanted to place a really big order with the bakery that we helped open in the Highlands of Guatemala.

If you remember a family of orphans, five boys and two girls wanted to open a family bakery. We were able to raise the funds they needed to help them.

We hope the order we placed helped them as well as their community. With our support, the boys baked over 1600 loaves of bread and gave them to the local elderly, a preschool and day laborers.

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