To The World Inc.



A nonprofit organization practicing shoestring philanthropy for kids who need us.

Learning to give back

Miss Suzi wanted her fifth graders to learn about the world around them. She wanted them to learn how hard life can be for some kids, and she wanted them to learn we all have something to give. She knew, and she wanted her darling kids to know, we can all make the world better. They decided they wanted to help improve a school in the Highlands of Guatemala. It was a corrugated tin building with no electricity and running water only one hour a day. That meant the bathrooms did not work most of the time for the 100 kids at the school.

The teachers did not have desks or storage space. If a child showed up to school without school supplies he sat quietly while others did their work. The parents and the school could not afford to give them pencils and paper.

They did not need pity.

They did not need compassion.

The hard working teachers and kids at the Xecotoj school in the Highlands of Guatemala simply needed help.

And so Miss Suzi's kids, many who come from impoverished backgrounds themselves, set out to help.

They went to each class and gave a presentation about Guatemala and the school.

They asked each class to bring in pennies, nickles and dimes to help.

They raised $1000!

With their money we bought tables, chairs, storage units and white boards.

Thank you to Miss Suzi's fifth graders!

Kids loving kids

Nothing has been more satisfying than to have the kids we love in Kansas City want to help the kids we love in Guatemala. 

They have collected pennies, nickels and dimes and helped us buy tables and chairs  for a school in the Highlands. 

They have collected shoes because they learned Guatemalan kids can't go to school without shoes and often their parents can't afford a pair of $2.00 shoes. 

They helped us hire a teacher at an orphanage in Guatemala City.

Crossroads students organize a drive to collect shoes for the orphans at Hogar Luz de Maria in Guatemala City.

Kindergartners sorting out shoes for the orphanage in Guatemala City.

Crossroads Academy collects pennies, nickles and dimes to help us hire a teacher in Guatemala. They raised $500!